New Mixtape: Sandy

The nice thing about hurricanes is that they force you to stay indoors. They also put sounds into perspective and reverse the natural sonic state of things. Loud winds and miserable trees fade in and out throughout the day. Every now and then, the beast settles down and the day feels normal for a few seconds.

It’s a good exercise in appreciating the power of nature, our human fragility and the beautiful silence that fills the gaps in our hectic lives.

Sandy is all about acoustic guitars and pianos and green tea and enjoying the fact that there’s no leaving now.

Take care,



New Mixtape: Coconut (Songs for Nick)

Yoga prep talks are kinda hit or miss. Sometimes they run too long, sometimes they don’t make any sense, sometimes you just can’t connect. But sometimes it clicks. Occasionally, thinking of something or someone changes everything.

I had the same experience while working on this mixtape. I begun mixing it while knowing I had a few songs I just had to mix before 2012 was over. At that point it sounded ok, but I didn’t really connect. While taking one (out of too many) FB break, I noticed an unread message from Nick. It was sent 3 weeks prior but I completely missed it. After that, Coconut became “Songs for Nick” and suddenly my musical practice made complete sense.

So this mix is for you, Nick. It is a bit quirky, a bit funny, quite random and full of soul. Just like you, the friend that nicknamed me –

Iddo PoP


New Mixtape: 72% Match (19% Enemy)

When I first approached this mixtape I wanted to create the ultimate romantic comedy soundtrack. However, once I started mixing some of these songs it slowly morphed into the ultimate Girls episode soundtrack. I then thought about the new Springsteen biography and especially the albums Tunnel of Love and Lucky Town, which focus of the end of the singer’s first marriage and the beginning of his second. The premise quickly changed again.


And so 72% Match (19% Enemy) was very much inspired by one of the best storytellers of our time (Springsteen) and the voice of her generation (or a voice of a generation) – Lena Dunham. In the spirit of those two talented individuals this mixtape is semi-autobiographical, semi-fictional, a little cheesy and (hopefully) enjoyable.




New Mixtape: My 2011

2011 will go down in my personal history as an eventful, challenging and occasionally dramatic year. I had my share of those twists of fate, which usually result in lack of sleep and soulful mixtapes. 2011 definitely delivered a bit of both.

However, these 18 tracks were a constant source of inspiration and pure joy, especially when experienced live. Hopefully, you will be able to sense some of that in my mix. Goodbye 2011. Rock on, 2012! ~ Iddo PoP