I Still Believe in Lana Del Rey (Video)

Lana Del Rey made it to SNL last week. This was a good opportunity to see if the much hyped singer can actually pull off an interesting performance. After all, even Hype-Machine stardom fades eventually if not backed by a decent album and tour.

If Del Rey has one compelling virtue that comes across on the first listen, it is her cool presence. She just can’t help being so cool (and hot at the same time).

That is why it was so disappointed to witness a frozen version of Del Rey on her first prime-time appearance. Del Rey was obviously very nervous as she sang Video Games. Although she had tried hard to keep it together – her singing went from being mildly impressive to completely off-key. As expected, the Twitter storm didn’t disappoint with Chris Cornell and Juliette Lewis leading the angry mob.


However, I felt that Blue Jeans, Del Rey’s second song, was much better. She got more comfortable and was able to showcase her vocal capabilities. No, it wasn’t perfect and it was hardly SNL worthy but it wasn’t a complete disaster either.

With all due respect to Cornell and Lewis, I believe there is still hope for Miss Del Rey (and more importantly, there are still two more weeks for her to practice before the album comes out).


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