New Mixtape: Coconut (Songs for Nick)

Yoga prep talks are kinda hit or miss. Sometimes they run too long, sometimes they don’t make any sense, sometimes you just can’t connect. But sometimes it clicks. Occasionally, thinking of something or someone changes everything.

I had the same experience while working on this mixtape. I begun mixing it while knowing I had a few songs I just had to mix before 2012 was over. At that point it sounded ok, but I didn’t really connect. While taking one (out of too many) FB break, I noticed an unread message from Nick. It was sent 3 weeks prior but I completely missed it. After that, Coconut became “Songs for Nick” and suddenly my musical practice made complete sense.

So this mix is for you, Nick. It is a bit quirky, a bit funny, quite random and full of soul. Just like you, the friend that nicknamed me –

Iddo PoP


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