What to Produce First – Viral Videos or Product Videos? Best Practices For Your Online Video Marketing Strategy (Video)

sxsw-kaltura-logo-2013_Many companies wish that their videos would go viral. There’s no doubt that you know you’ve created the ultimate marketing campaign, when your viewers do much of the distribution for you. However, most companies have a limited video production budget. So what is more important and how should they prioritize their video production queue?

Usually there are 3 options for videos:

  1. Funny, viral videos that increase brand recognition and make your company look cool and exciting.
  2. Slick product videos that help in sales pitches.
  3. Engaging tutorials to support your current customer base and demo specific features for prospects.

But it doesn’t end there. Let’s say my company chose to produce a great viral video –

  1. How do we market it?
  2. Which metadata should we use?
  3. Should we buy ads on YouTube or should we find other ways to increase views?

We asked Bettina Hein, Founder and CEO of Pixability, for her advice. Hein and her company have much experience in getting maximum views on YouTube by analyzing video analytics and other data.

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For more information take a look at this presentation that the Pixability team used for their SXSW session:

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