Pulp (Video)

Pulp at Radio City Music Hall, New York City, April 10th.

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Breathe Owl Breathe Live at The Echo (Video)

Thus far, 2012 has been very productive. We are only a month and a half into the year and I have already seen two bands that populated my Must-See List for quite some time.

The first was Wilco. I don’t have a video of that performance since I forgot my camera in the car. That’s unfortunate because Jeff Tweedy and co. put on a major spectacle. Those of you who were fortunate to witness a live version of Misunderstood know what I am talking about.

The second treat of 2012 was seeing Breathe Owl Breathe. I have been in love with this Michigan trio ever since I listened to the first couple of songs on Magic Central, their latest LP. There was something about their straightforward, minimalist and touching approach that captivated me immediately. While on the album they came across as quite melancholic, when playing live they were goofy and amusing. They also have a very distinct sense of fashion that is hard to find these days.

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Chanukah with Justin (Video)

So last night I went to see Stevie Wonder’s annual House Full of Toys Benefit Concert at LA Live.  Much of the audience was  there to see Mr. Wonder – a living legend who still sounds great after all these years. However, the most vocal fans were those of the young Justin Bieber.

I spent the early part of JB’s performance praying to the almighty to grant me just one Chanukah wish. My prayers were answered shortly after as Mr. Bieber graced us with an acoustic version of “Baby”.

Happy holidays everybody!


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Iggy Pop

Clearly, Iggy Pop is the devil. He is vicious, he is seductive, he is ageless and he messes with your head.

From the second he gets on stage, he is out of control, unleashing raw power to sweep the room into a hurricane of primal emotions: flying beer cups, ecstatic sweaty adults, frighten children and an endless stream of fanatic crowd surfers.

Hell never seemed so real.

Iggy Pop and the Stooges at The Palladium, Los Angeles, CA.

(All photos: Iddo Shai)