New Mixtpae: How Black Nail Polish Changed My Life

How Black Nail Polish Changed My Life CoverThis is an organic mix, which has been in the works for a few months, ever since I listened to Bob Dylan’s She Belongs to Me on a cold New York night. It struck me as a beautiful song that moved me even though I was busy rushing, trying not to hit the mob of people on 14th st., while adjusting my headphones and texting. There’s always texting.


I took a moment to create a new Spotify playlist. For lack of a better name, I titled it “Nicole”. And so Nicole became a work-in-progress.  I populated it slowly, whenever I heard a song that penetrated the intense routine.

When I had about 20 songs, I was ready to mix. This one formulized quite quickly, but I still had the name to figure out. For a few hours “Nicole” became “Laura” and then I watched Laura on YouTube and she slipped me the answer.





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