About Iddo PoP

Iddo PoP (aka Iddo Shai aka me) is an online video specialist, producer, writer and DJ based in Brooklyn, NY.

Over my career, I held editorial and product management positions in various media outlets in Israel and the US, such as Ha’aretz, Fox WNYW, Sony’s Crackle.com and BabyFirst TV. These days I serve as Director of Product at Kaltura, one of the fastest growing OTT video platforms. As part of my role I  also occasionally write about online video for publications as The Guardian Content Network, TechCrunch, AdExchanger and others.

In 2008 I received my BA in film and television from Tel Aviv University. In 2010 I completed the Communication Management Master’s Program at the University of Southern California where I primarily examined the shifts in the television industry. My Master’s thesis focused on cord-cutting and how young viewers (18-33) watch online television services as Netflix, Hulu, Boxee (R.I.P) and Apple TV. This led to my current position at Kaltura where I help build disruptive OTT products that are transforming the TV experience and its business models.

When I am not managing products, blog, stream TV, listen to Morning Becomes Eclectic or work on my downward facing dog – I craft soulful mixtapes and upload them to MixCloud.

For my complete bio please see my Linkedin profile.

Feedback, suggestions and links to the best music on the web are warmly welcome at iddo@iddopop.com

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