New Mixtape: Sunglasses

Sunglasses2013 has a been a fairly slow mixtapes year so far. I had published only one but I actually created two more. One of them was titled “Black Box” and it was supposed to be the down-to-earth sequel to the optimistic “How Black Nail Polish Changed My Life“. However, after I completed version 1.0, I uploaded Black Box to my phone and listened to it too many times. Just like relationships and sandwiches, if you don’t change things up or move on  – mixtapes become stale. Sadly, Black Box was no different.

But historically summer has always  been a good mixtapes season for me. The art of pop music is so much easier and natural when you can drive around with your car windows rolled down. Even though I haven’t owned a car in years, I remember well that any summer mixtape listening experience will never be complete without the sun in my eyes and the wind in my hair.

This mixtape was also made possible due to my favorite band of the moment – Saturday Looks Good to Me. They have a new album out and it’s great. It’s like Nico teamed up with Belle and Sebastian (with a guest appearance by Damon Albarn). Yes, that good.




Saturday Looks Good to Me:

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